Our activities

Tony Package

The “Tony Package on the Move” programme is the oldest still active educational project focused on waste sorting in the Czech Republic. This project has been addressing the youngest generation since 1997. Tony the Mascot guides children through the world of sorted waste on the website. The lecturers of this educational programme visit primary schools throughout the Czech Republic during the school year. You can also meet Tony’s programme at various outdoor events from April to October.

For more information, visit www.tonda-obal.cz

Recycling Gateway

This travelling exhibition shows traditional products and works of art created by recycling waste. As part of the exhibition, you can sit in a coloured container or find out what regranulates made of sorted plastics and other secondary raw materials obtained from sorted waste by recycling look like.

Organisers from several cities and municipalities can configure the option that best suits their intended premises. For more information about the exhibition and ordering it, visit www.branarecyklace.cz

Sorting on Snow

You can find unique 3-compartment recycle bins designed for waste sorting made of 97% recycled plastics in leisure resorts throughout the Czech Republic since 2020. These bins have lids so that waste isn’t degraded or scattered into nature. Used plastic, paper and metal packaging can be sorted into them.

Operators of the resorts involved in the ‘Sorting on Snow’ project regularly collect separate waste into larger containers, giving the waste a second chance at life.

The project includes educational and enlightenment events that take place in the resorts during the winter season. Both young and old can try various sports activities and verify their knowledge in “sorting quizzes”. As a reward, they can receive various prizes, such as those made from recycled plastic waste.

For more information about the project, visit www.tridimenasnehu.cz

Sorting in Nature

This project is the “summer version” of the Sorting on Snow project, running from May to the end of September, i.e. in the tourist season.
The aim is to allow people who spend time in mountain leisure resorts and adjacent hiking trails to sort waste. Waste from the 3-compartment recycling bins is collected for recycling.
The project includes enlightenment events, entertaining educational and sports activities as well as prize competitions.

For more information about this project, visit www.samosebou.cz

Clean Festival

It’s a unique project that has been providing waste sorting and recycled entertainment at selected Czech festivals since 2008. We motivate hundreds of thousands of visitors to sort every year. This makes participating events more colourful, clean and fun.

Thousands of tonnes of waste from the festival grounds are transported to the sorting lines to be recycled every year thanks to joint efforts.

As part of the festivals, visitors can stop at the Clean Festival booth, where they can receive practical rewards for sorted waste or correct answers in sorting quizzes in the form of prizes with a share of recycled material or make something in the upcycling workshop.

For more information about this project, visit www.cistyfestival.cz

Through Clean Nature

This enlightenment project is focused on litter prevention and the importance of sorting waste wherever we are – including in nature.
The free online guide has tips for new tourist routes every year with marked points where it’s possible to sort waste.

For more information about this project, visit prirodou.samosebou.cz

Where to Sort

An online map and a free mobile app will tell you where and how to sort packaging waste. Each registered person has the opportunity to add collection points to the map, adjust their location or add types of waste that can be sorted at a specific point.
The goal is to gradually map the waste collection container coverage throughout the Czech Republic.
Each of us can actively participate in its creation and management.

You can view the online map or download the Where to Sort mobile app at kamtridit.cz/zapojtese



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