I‘m Too Old for Sorting, It‘s a Job for Young People

It’s a mistake. The system has been established for everybody and everyone can use it. It is true that the positive impact of sorting will be felt more by younger generations. Waste sorting systems have been set to make the sorting process simple and controlled by simple rules.  That is why each municipality establishes their own system of waste sorting and waste management to fit to local conditions and customs. Every citizen should sort waste as a part of one‘s civic responsibility, not related to his (her) age. In developed countries it is the thing of course. Surely, one can find a lot of excuses that can be used by people, who do not want to sort waste. Wastes are produced by everybody and everywhere. Without a proper and strictly observed system of waste sorting and further management, in which every citizen takes its part, we would live soon surrounded with landfills and flooded with waste. For waste sorting you need not be young. You can sort waste in the same way you take care of your teeth or of your dogs or other pets. We should also take care of the environment and keep it nice, tidy and clean.