Containers for Sorted Waste Are Not Always Accessible

The average distance of containers for sorted waste from your home gets shorter every year and currently amounts to 89 metres. According to various surveys, citizens are willing to walk there a way longer by additional 40 meters. The collection network is continuously gets denser, at present it counts as many as 678 446 coloured containers!

Every municipality may set its own, partially modified system for waste sorting. Somewhere they do not sort out all plastics, but PET bottles only, or sorted glass waste is divided into clear and coloured glass, at other areas the system of bags is used. Therefore, it is useful to read information shown on the containers or ask information concerning proper waste management, sorting and collection directly from the department of environmental protection of the competent municipality.

Waste sorting belongs to one‘s social responsibility and we only should choose the system of sorting to be used in our household. We should give the waste a good chance for recycling and reuse by sorting it out.